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High Quality Filtration Solutions For Your Industry

Experience the transformative power of L-Filtration, your top-notch source for superior filter cartridges. We serve diverse sectors, from Oil & Gas to Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing, with our resilient, high-performing filtration solutions. Each filter, crafted from stainless steel mesh, synthetic fibers, and multilayer composites, purifies a variety of mediums including oil, dust, and gases, ensuring utmost cleanliness. We lead the way in industrial-grade filtration with an astounding precision down to 0.1 um. With L-Filtration, you get more than just filters; you receive custom, affordable, and high-quality solutions designed to boost your business efficiency. Explore the L-Filtration advantage today!

General Applications For our Filter Elements

Experience Superior Filtration Efficiency with L-Filtration: Our High-Quality, Durable Filter Elements are Perfectly Engineered for Oil, Gas, and Industrial Applications, Ensuring Optimal Purity, Enhanced Performance, and Prolonged Service Life. Customized to Meet Your Specific Requirements, Our Filters Deliver Unmatched Reliability and Cost-Effective Solutions for All Your Filtration Needs

General Hot Selling Products

Discover Top-Quality Filtration with our Best-Selling Products: L-Filtration’s Premium Filter Elements are Highly Sought After in the Oil, Gas, and Industrial Sectors. Uniquely Designed for High Performance and Longevity, these Filters are Renowned for their Unbeatable Efficiency, Durability, and Cost-Effectiveness, Making them an Ideal Solution for your Essential Filtration Needs

Discover our OEM & ODM Heatproof Dust Filter Element, expertly crafted from durable Aramid fiber. Ideal for high-temp industrial and mining operations, it offers unmatched filtration efficiency and superior performance. This premium filter ensures optimal air quality, making it a top choice for environments with challenging acidic or basic conditions

High-Pressure Precision Filter Cartridge for Heavy-duty Vehicles

Engineered Excellence, Unyielding Strength: Purifying Performance for the Long Haul

This high-efficiency CNG filter cartridge was developed in 2002 for the Blue Sky Plan for the Beijing 2008 Olympics

This High-Pressure Precision Filter features a high-precision filtration material, a result of collaborative research with leading domestic universities and international filter material manufacturers;

Designed for versatile use, the LFG-52474E0.3 filter element is compatible with Heavy Trucks, Yuchai LNG engines, Weichai LNG engines, and other LNG natural gas engines

Our unique Pleated Filter Cartridge design is made from durable Fiberglass Material, offering acid resistance and optimal performance in Gas-Liquid Filtration

Tested by a TPI laboratory, such product showcases a remarkable filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particles 0.3 um and below.

Built for high pressure environments, this filter element can withstand a working temperature of  200℃ & a working pressure difference of 3 pa.

Production Capacity:100,000 units.


With a robust Global Export footprint, our product is recognized in international markets, including South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

Uncover L-Filtration’s high-efficiency, high-pressure Precision Filter Cartridges for Heavy vehicles. Experience unmatched filtration efficiency, unique pleated design, and robust production capabilities for enhanced engine performance. Explore our globally-recognized, innovative solutions developed for high-stress environments. Join the revolution in gas-liquid filtration

Industrial Filter Element - Precision Filtration for Diverse Industries

Engineered for Excellence. Ensuring Clean Air, Superior Performance, and Environmental Safety.

LF Series, OEM & ODM

Stainless Steel,

Plant fibers, Fiberglass,

Wood Pulp Fiber,

PTFE Curing coated Polyester fiber,

Polyester fiber with anti-static treatment,

Wood pulp fibers with nano flame retardancy & anti-static treatment. This diverse material composition ensures versatile use and durable performance.

0.1㎛~ 300㎛


Our Industrial Filter Elements are the trusted choice for a range of industries:

  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Electric Power
  • Petrochemical and Machinery Industries
  • Industries requiring air filtration, welding smoke & dust filtration
  • Electronics, Chemical, Automobile manufacturing, Food and beverage industry
  • Furniture manufacturing, Spraying, Mining dust removal
  • Pharmaceutical industry, Painting and other industries

Capacity:100000 pcs,

MOQ: Negotiable

From air purification in Electronics and Medical Industries to providing environmental safety in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, home furnishings, and offices, our Industrial Filter Elements provide pivotal application value. They ensure air quality, offer superior filtration efficiency, and contribute significantly to environmental safety.

Choose our Industrial Filter Elements for your business to ensure efficient filtration and environmental safety. Connect with us today to explore more about our filtration solutions.

High-quality Lube and Hydraulic oil filter elements

Superior Filtration, Exceptional Performance

Hydraulic Oil,

Thin Oil,

Engine oil, Transmission oil, Lubricating oil etc.

Material:Stainless Steel,Plant fibers, Fiberglass;Cellulose

Models:Models of all Pall & Hydac

LF80 Series,
LF120 Series,
LF160 Series,

LFFL Series

OEM & ODM Models

Our filter elements ensure maximum cleanliness, reducing wear and tear on your machinery

The filtration efficiency could be 1㎛ ~ 300㎛ or Customizable

With a design that enhances fluid flow and minimizes pressure drop, our filter elements ensure your machinery operates at its peak.

Iron & Steel Industry;

Electric Power;

Petrochemical and Machinery Industries;

Electric Power Industry

Thin Oil Lubrication station

With top-notch performance and extended lifespan, our filters provide greater return on investment compared to other brands.

Made with high-quality materials, our filter elements promise longer service life.

Capacity: 100000 pcs

MOQ: 5 pcs 

Unlock the full potential of your machines with our exclusive range of Lube and Hydraulic Oil Filter Elements. Crafted to perfection, these filters guarantee unparalleled filtration efficiency, rivaling even the most reputable brands like Hydac and Pall. Embrace the supremacy of our world-class products, setting new standards in the industry.
Step into a realm of excellence where our filter elements transcend mere products. Experience the epitome of quality, performance, and unbridled assurance. Our unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge filtration solutions positions us as the ultimate choice for enterprises striving to optimize operational efficiency.
Enhance your machines with the utmost confidence. Choose our premium Lube and Hydraulic Oil Filter Elements today. Experience the difference that burstiness and perplexity in writing can bring to your business!

Humidity-Resistant Wet Dust Filtration Element

Optimized Filtration in Wet Conditions: Durability Meets Consistency

Such kind of filter element is mainly sintered from special plastic;

Models available: OEM & ODM  

It delivers an exceptional filtration precision of 0.3㎛ to 0.1㎛. This remarkable precision ensures an unparalleled level of cleanliness in all applications.

The Sintered Plate Filter Element is specifically engineered to remove sticky or wet dust. It is the ideal solution for tackling challenging operational requirements.Especially under conditions where consistent filtration performance is crucial amidst high humidity or fluctuating temperatures. Crafted with precision, this filter ensures minimal clogging and offers extended service life. Industries dealing with moisture-laden environments or processes that produce wet dust can particularly benefit from its superior filtration capabilities

Made with high-quality special plastic , its service life can be 5~10 times the service life of polyester fiber or wood pulp fiber materials

  1. Superior Filtration Precision: With a much higher filtration precision than that of fiber materials, our Sintered Plate Filter Element ensures a cleaner and safer work environment.

  2. Extended Service Life: With a lifespan that is 5 to 10 times longer than traditional polyester fiber or wood pulp fiber materials, the Sintered Plate Filter Element translates to less frequent replacements, long-term cost savings, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Capacity: 100000 pcs

MOQ: Negotiable

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry: The pharmaceutical industry often requires exceptionally high levels of filtration to ensure product purity and to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The Sintered Plate Filter Element's high filtration precision makes it a good fit for this industry.

  2. Chemical Processing: Chemical plants often deal with sticky or wet dust as a byproduct of their processes. The specialized capabilities of the Sintered Plate Filter Element can help address these challenges.

  3. Food & Beverage Industry: Maintaining high sanitation standards is crucial in the food and beverage industry. The superior filtration precision of the Sintered Plate Filter Element can help ensure the cleanliness and safety of food products.

  4. Waste Management and Recycling: In waste management and recycling facilities, dealing with a variety of waste materials often generates wet or sticky dust. The Sintered Plate Filter Element can provide an effective solution in such conditions.

  5. Petrochemical Industry: Petrochemical plants often deal with difficult to handle dust particles. The high filtration precision and extended lifespan of the Sintered Plate Filter Element can be beneficial in these contexts.

  6. Automotive Manufacturing: During the manufacturing process, automotive factories often generate sticky or wet dust, especially in painting or coating applications. The Sintered Plate Filter Element can be a valuable asset in these scenarios.

  7. Electronics Manufacturing: In electronics manufacturing, where the production environments need to be as clean as possible to ensure the quality of the products, the Sintered Plate Filter Element's superior filtration precision would be highly advantageous.

Trust in the unparalleled performance of our sintered plate filter element. It stands head and shoulders above traditional polyester and wood pulp fibers, delivering unmatched filtration precision. Designed to withstand extreme conditions and maintain cost-effectiveness, it surpasses ordinary filters, ensuring less frequent replacement. We confidently advocate for its use in challenging environments, as it consistently outperforms alternatives, promoting longevity and minimizing the frequency of replacement.

High Temperature Dust Filter Element

Withstands heat while maintaining exceptional dust filtration

Crafted using high-quality Aramid fiber, known for its remarkable heat resistance;

Models available: OEM & ODM ;

providing flexibility and customization to meet specific requirements. 

Designed with precision, our filter element boasts a filtration precision range of 0.5㎛ ~ 300㎛, ensuring even the finest of particles are effectively captured.

Specifically engineered for environments with high-temperature dust and varying pH conditions, our Heatproof Dust Filter Element guarantees consistent, top-tier performance.

The utilization of Aramid fiber not only provides heat resistance but also offers enhanced durability, ensuring a prolonged service life even in the most challenging conditions.

Beyond its primary filtering capabilities, this filter element stands out for its ability to handle acidic or basic conditions, making it a versatile solution for diverse industrial challenges.

Capacity: 100000 pcs

MOQ: Negotiable

Industrial and Mining Industry with high-temp dust & acid base

Discover our OEM & ODM Heatproof Dust Filter Element, expertly crafted from durable Aramid fiber. Ideal for high-temp industrial and mining operations, it offers unmatched filtration efficiency and superior performance. This premium filter ensures optimal air quality, making it a top choice for environments with challenging acidic or basic conditions

Superior Performance CNG Filter Elements

Experience cleaner, more efficient fuel with our cutting-edge CNG filter elements

Stainless steel, plant fibers

Models available: LFNL Series,

LFPK Series, 


0.1㎛ ~ 300㎛

Our filter elements are specifically engineered for CNG systems, contributing to improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and overall enhanced engine performance. Experience the difference with our cutting-edge filtration technology.

Constructed from robust materials, our CNG filter elements are built to last. They can withstand demanding conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

With their advanced design, our CNG filter elements excel in removing contaminants such as oil, dust, and moisture from the fuel. This ensures a cleaner, more efficient burn, leading to enhanced engine performance

Capacity: 100000 pcs

MOQ: Negotiable

Natural gas pipeline network,

Natural gas filling station/Refilling stations

CNG vehicles, Power plants running gas turbines on CNG, Our filter elements provide a critical solution for any system using compressed natural gas. 

Maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions with our advanced LFNL and LFPK Series CNG Filter Elements. Engineered from stainless steel and plant fibers, they offer unparalleled filtration efficiency (0.1㎛ ~ 300㎛). Ideal for CNG vehicles, refilling stations, and gas-powered turbines, our filters ensure clean, optimal combustion, solidifying your green energy commitment

Estimated Cost Analysis For Filter element

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. 

Your Journey with Us: The 5 Steps from Inquiry to Delivery

From initial inquiry to your doorstep, experience a seamless ordering process for high-quality filter elements, designed with our customers in mind. 

Step 1: Inquiry and Quotation (1-3 Working Days)

The customer submits an inquiry for standard or custom products, and receives a quote or design proposal from the company. The company then works with the customer to finalize the design and pricing based on feedback.

Enquiry & Quotation

Step 2: Order Placement & Payment (1-5 Working Days)

Once the design and pricing are approved, the customer places the order and completes the payment process as guided by the company’s invoice,generally speaking, it will take the customer about one week to finish the payment.

Filter elements in shopping cart with payment icon, illustrating online order and payment process

Step 3: Production (Varies)

The company starts manufacturing the filter elements based on the approved design. Production times will vary based on complexity and volume, with updates provided to the customer at regular intervals.

a woman worker is working intently in front of a machine in the workshop

Step 4: Quality Assurance and Shipping (1-2 Weeks)

Post-production, each product is checked thoroughly for quality. After passing the quality assurance process, the products are packaged securely and shipped to the customer.

Quality inspection

Step 5: Delivery and Follow-Up (Immediate to a few days)

The company confirms delivery to customers and follows up to ensure satisfaction with the products received

Door to door delivery

Want to know how to compress lead times?

Optimize inventory to swiftly fulfill orders. Collaborate with reliable, fast shipping partners. Consider dropshipping to cut down dispatch time. Streamline order processing for rapid dispatch. Plan for potential delays to mitigate impact.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing Filter Elements

Ever considered how important filter elements are in maintaining the efficient operation of your machinery? If you’re nodding your head, great! If not, then it’s high time you did. This article shines a light on the common pitfalls when purchasing filter elements—both standard and OEM/ODM—and how to avoid them.

1.1 Importance of Filter Elements

Filter elements are the unsung heroes in a wide range of applications, from purifying water to enhancing engine performance. They remove impurities and prevent damage, essentially ensuring that systems run smoothly and efficiently. But what happens when you purchase the wrong type?

1.2 Types of Filter Elements: Standard and OEM/ODM

Filter elements can be classified into standard and OEM/ODM types. Standard filters are mass-produced and compatible with multiple systems, while OEM/ODM filters are specifically designed to meet unique specifications. Deciding which to buy can be quite a conundrum.

2.1 Ignoring Quality for Price

It's tempting to save a few bucks, right? Unfortunately, this often leads to compromise on quality. A cheaper filter might not perform as well, requiring frequent replacements and potentially causing long-term damage to your system.

2.2Neglecting to Verify Compatibility

Assuming a filter element will fit because it "looks the same" is a recipe for disaster. You must verify its compatibility with your system to ensure it performs optimally.

2.3 Not Checking Certifications and Standards

Skipping the step of verifying certifications can lead to purchasing subpar filter elements. Always ensure the product meets the necessary industry standards.

3.1 Customization

OEM/ODM filter elements are tailored to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

3.2 Consistency in Quality

With OEM/ODM, you're assured consistent quality because they're designed and manufactured according to a specific standard.

3.3 Support and Service

OEM/ODM suppliers usually provide robust customer support, which can be invaluable when dealing with maintenance or troubleshooting issues.

4.1 Do Thorough Research

Understand your system's requirements and the different filter options available. More knowledge leads to better decisions.

4.2 Trust Reliable Suppliers

Reliable suppliers have a reputation for providing quality products and excellent customer service. It's worth buying from a trustworthy source.

4.3 Consider Long-Term Value Over Immediate Cost

Invest in high-quality filter elements that may cost more upfront but provide superior performance and longevity

Choosing the right filter element is critical. While the path may be fraught with pitfalls, understanding these common mistakes and taking measures to avoid them will ensure your purchase is a smart one.

Unveiling theCraftsmanship in ProducingPremier Filter Elements

Witness the artistry and precision embedded in our superior filter elements’ production process, spotlighting our dedicated professionals, innovative machinery, and stringent quality norms

Play Video about Ail filter manufacturing process

Delve into the detailed craftsmanship in the production of our high-caliber filter elements showcased in our comprehensive manufacturing video. Embark on a behind-the-scenes tour, commencing from the primal material preparation phase through to the concluding quality check and packaging steps. Our illustrative video underlines the stringent attention to detail we adhere to throughout our production process, ensuring every single item complies with and outshines the industry benchmarks. Learn how our cutting-edge machinery, seasoned professionals, and detailed quality checks account for our filter elements’ exceptional quality. This video is a revelation for those seeking to comprehend the rigorous procedures that distinguish our filter elements from the competition. Get acquainted with the diligence, accuracy, and technical know-how embodied in every filter element we produce. Absorb the insights offered by this video and understand why our filter elements are favored by industry connoisseurs globally. We welcome your likes, shares, and comments on our video, and we look forward to your questions or feedback. Your active participation enables us to consistently enhance and serve you more effectively

The FAQs About Filter elements

Navigating the World of Filter Elements—Your Essential Guide to Making Informed, Value-Driven Purchase Decisions

Filter elements can be standard or OEM/ODM, depending on the specific requirements of the application.

Compatibility ensures the filter will function correctly in your system, promoting optimal performance and preventing potential damage.

OEM/ODM filter elements provide customization, consistent quality, and robust customer support.

While a cheaper filter might save money upfront, it could lead to frequent replacements and potentially long-term damage to your system.

It's essential to do thorough research, trust reliable suppliers, and consider long-term value over immediate cost.

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